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Isratech Waterworks (“IWW”) offers advanced and highly reliable waterworks solutions. We specialize in water and wastewater treatment, as well as the manufacture and supply of water infrastructure products and systems. We are the most versatile operation of its kind in Jamaica, serving customers locally as well as throughout the Caribbean.

Our experienced team of engineers has the technical capacity to deliver solutions for a wide array of applications. IWW provides the most complete service offering from design to implementation and maintenance. In addition, the quality of our water infrastructure products – including the range of HDPE pipes which we manufacture, provide exceptional customer value.

IWW solutions has been widely utilized by the manufacturing and agro-processing sectors, hospitals, housing developments, hotels, private homes and municipal agencies. Our strong focus on quality, service and sound engineering practice has made IWW the region’s most trusted waterworks partner.

Our Solutions

We offer a wide range of waterworks solutions to fit your needs.

Isratech Waterworks (“IWW”) has earned its reputation as a full-service provider of advanced water and wastewater treatment solutions applicable to industrial, municipal as well as domestic projects – commercial and institutional. Our end-to-end capabilities are integrated with every project deliverable, guaranteeing every project is optimized, mindful of cost, risk and environmental concerns.

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What we manufacture

Isratech Waterworks is a leading producer of pipes and fittings in the region. Our product range includes:

  • HDPE and LDPE pipes used in laying underground infrastructure for water distribution, sewerage, gaseous material, electrical installation and other industrial applications as well as HDPE potable water pipes for drinking water.

We can produce these pipes to meet a variety of specifications and lengths. Also available are butt fusion and electro fusion fittings to connect the pipes.

  • Isratech Waterworks Manufacturing
  • Isratech Waterworks Manufacturing
  • Isratech Waterworks Manufacturing

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