Project Description

Dairy Industries, one of the largest producers of milk-based products in Jamaica, had a problem with phosphate levels in the effluent being discharged from its wastewater treatment plant. The phosphate levels, 30ppm, were above the standards set, 4ppm, by the local environmental regulatory authority. There was also a space constraint for the additional wastewater treatment facility.


Isratech Waterworks designed and implemented a tertiary wastewater treatment facility, with a capacity to handle 80 to reduce the phosphate levels to the requisite standards and remove the sludge.

System Description

Isratech Waterworks provided a fully automatic containerized system, to facilitate an efficient treatment plant within the space requirements, which included the following:

  • Flocculation and filtration to remove the phosphates
  • Coagulation and sedimentation to remove the sludge
  • Disinfection using chlorinators
  • Feed pump, injection pump and backwash pump
  • 20’ container