Project Description

The Chukka Cove Adventures attraction located in Good Hope Trelawny is one of the major tourist attractions along the north coast corridor of Jamaica. Located in such a very fragile aquatic ecosystem wastewater management became a very important component and concerns for the client contacted Isratech Jamaica Limited to assist with finding an effective economical and environmentally friendly solution. The Treatment system that was in place was not adequate enough to provide proper treatment of the wastewater that was being generated daily at the facility and hence raised concerns about pollution of the river that runs through the property. The river forms a major part of the attractions activities. The regulatory authorities was also putting pressure on the entity to provide a solution that would eliminate ground as well as surface water pollution.


Isratech Jamaica Limited was invited to submit a bid and hence a “tailor-made” design was proposed to treat the wastewater that was being generated at the location with the aim of being environmentally compliant. The solution took the form of a non-mechanical solution which incorporated some of the existing wastewater infrastructure which minimized capital cost. The wastewater management system proposed was complemented with an Irrigation system. The Irrigation system complemented the treatment solution in terms of nutrient control and management via immobilization and uptake by vegetation this method guarantee a treatment and disposal method that poses negligible negative environmental impacts on the immediate and downstream environments.

System Description

The solution included a four stage treatment process to include:

  • A Grease Trap
  • An Anaerobic Baffled
  • Reactor (ABR)
  • A Reed Bed and Chlorination.