Isratech Energy Solutions Solutions

Solar Water Heater Systems

Isratech Energy Solutions (“IES”), exclusive distributors of top-selling brand Chromagen,  provides two models of the solar water heaters, painted grey and aluminium. The difference between the two is that the aluminium is more robust and will not corrode when installed in close proximity to saltwater.

These units come in three (3) different sizes: 150Lt (40 gal), 200Lt (53 gal) and 300 Lt (80gal), with the grey one available in 120Lt (32 gal). These units pay for themselves within a 2-year time span.  As oil prices trend upwards, the payback will be reciprocated.

Our Chromagen installations can be seen on residential and commercial developments all over Jamaica.  With over 25 years of experience installing and servicing these units, we have earned the reputation of being the most trusted brand in the market.

Solar Pool Heating

IES has an exclusive distributorship with Heliocol solar pool heating solutions. The balance between design excellence and rugged durability make Heliocol the logical choice for any application whether residential or commercial. Heliocol’s flagship installations include pool heating systems for the Summer Olympic Games, exclusive resorts, military installations, major universities, corporations and government officials.

These systems typically pay for themselves in less than 3 years, are maintenance-free, require zero additional maintenance cost and have a life expectancy of 20 years.

Solar Pump Systems

IES has the experience to design, install and service a wide range of solar pump applications (submersible and/or surface mounted) which are used throughout all our divisions whether it be for: drinking water, irrigation, responsible leisure or industry.

These pump solutions are environmentally and cost-effective and are very efficient, quiet and reliable in comparison to the normal AC pumps.


Solar Photovoltaic Systems

IES has the capacity to engineer, procure and construct various photovoltaic solutions ranging from residential to commercial applications. Our trained team comprising of qualified engineers and technicians are equipped to provide you with a meaningful photovoltaic solution that you will be satisfied with.We venture into all applications of solar solutions namely: off

We venture into all applications of solar solutions namely: off grid, grid interactive and even micro grid.

Solar Street Light

The streetlights that are offered by Isratech Energy Solutions are referred to as the Integrated Solar Streetlights and are available in three different sizes: 30W, 50W and 80W.

The significant features of these streetlights are:

  1. The use high-grade Bridgelux leds, the luminous efficiency is over 120lm/W.
  2. Using high efficient monocrystalline solar panels, solar energy conversion rate is 18%.
  3. Body sensor can automatically adjust the brightness depending on the crowd change.
  4. Using high-quality Lithium battery, the number of charge-discharge cycles is up to 1500-2000.
  5. Integrated design reduces the installation time significantly.


Wind Energy Systems

IES has expertise in designing HAWT (Horizontal Axis Wind Turbine system) solutions. Our grid connected and off grid wind turbine systems, which consist of our 1kW – 10kW devices and related equipment are utilized for electrical power generation for applications and markets such as residential and commercial clients.