Project Description

Over the years Yummy Bakery was having serious challenges with managing their wastewater in terms of Finance and Environmental issues. Bakery wastewater is high strength wastewater in terms of organic loads (BOD- >2,500mg/l/COD- >4500mg/l/ FOG- >500mg/l) Financially there was a recurrent cost for frequent Cess Pool Services to empty clogged soak-away pits which was putting a strain on cash flow. Also new soak-away pits had to be dug relatively frequently while abandoning the old ones which can no longer soak. Untreated wastewater overflows from the old pits onto adjoining properties which then became also a legal issue Environmentally raw wastewater was being discharged to the surrounding areas and as a result the relevant authorities demanded that the situation be addressed with a solution that will minimize negative environmental impacts


Having contacted Isratech Jamaica Limited the situation was assessed and a customized design was proposed to treat this High Strength Oily Wastewater. The solution took the form of a non- mechanical treatment technological approach. Due to very high Fat, Oil & Grease (FOG) content of Bakery Wastewater a two stage Grease Trap was designed to reduce the impact of Grease on the main treatment down-stream. Due to the high organic load a specialized anaerobic digestion (ABR) unit had to be implemented to reduce the BOD to levels where it could be further polished via a Reed Bed to produce a Final Effluent that can be disinfected (chlorinated) and released to the environment without causing any deleterious effects. The Final Effluent resulted in removal of all Organic and FOG parameters reducing well over 95% respectively producing an end products which is not only aesthetically pleasing but also biochemically acceptable and microbe free.