Project Description

The West Indies Petroleum (WIP) has leased two large tanks to function as fuel bunkering for cruise ships at the Reynold’s Pier and Ocho Rios Cruise Terminal. The distance from the tank to the fueling point at the Reynold’s Pier is 200 meters and 500 meters to the fueling point at the Ocho Rios Cruise Terminal. As this is an active cruise destination, the footprint had to be minimal and the work zone could not affect the cruise traffic.


Isratech Waterworks provided a solution of using our own flexible lightweight High-Density Polyethylene (HDPE) pipes to transport the fuel instead of the rigid heavy steel pipes. The HDPE pipes were connected using butt-fusion to achieve the required length. This solution coupled with horizontal drilling allowed for a seamless underground installation of the pipeline without affecting cruise or port operations.

System Description

Isratech Waterworks manufactured two different size of pipes for this project as well as other features:

  • 200 meters of 6” HDPE pipe (SDR 11)
  • 200 meters of 8” HDPE pipe (SDR 11)