Project Description

Total Jamaica is the leading retailer of oil in Jamaica, with 80 service stations across the island.  They recently built their new headquarters in Kingston.  To provide a reliable backup electricity source, Isratech Jamaica Limited equipped their newly built headquarters with a generator set.


The generator set includes a size 165 kVA diesel generator.  The generator is fitted with an automatic transfer switch to ensure the generator is immediately activated in the case of a power outage.  This minimizes time without power, ensuring productivity and comfort of the building’s occupants is not hindered. The generator is built using corrosive resistant materials and is also designed to allow easy access to systems for maintenance.  To reduce noise produced by the generator, sound proofing materials are used along the inside of the housing of the generator.

System Description
  • 165 kVA Generator Set
    • Cummins 5.9L Diesel Generator
    • Single Phase 220V/110V Alternator
    • Digital Control and Monitoring Module
    • 500 Amp Automatic Transfer Switch
    • Insulated Acoustic Foam