Project Description

Island Grill, one of Jamaica’s largest fast food chains, had a serious problem with their sewage system at their head office. The process was to pump all the sewage into a septic tank which would then have to be pumped out by a septic truck on a daily basis as this a food processing facility and the risk of septic overflow had to be avoided.


Isratech Waterworks developed a solution which allowed for 15m3/d of wastewater to be treated and the resulting effluent being used for irrigation which eliminated the cost for a daily septic truck as well as cut down their expenses for watering the landscape.

System Description

The treatment system designed was a passive system which was tailored to meet the local regulatory standards for effluent and included the following:

  • Anaerobic Baffle Reactor
  • Reed Bed
  • Contact Chlorination Chamber
  • Final Effluent Tank
  • Drip irrigation