Project Description

The Bodles Farms are government owned farms that are mainly used for agricultural research purposes.  Isratech Jamaica Limited has supplied and installed a variety of irrigations, green houses and shade net to aid in agricultural research.  These systems help create a controlled and efficient agricultural environment.


A shade net enclosure equipped with ground cover and irrigation was built to protect primarily seedlings and plants which had recently germinated. The shade net reduces the intensity of the sun on the plant, as well as helps keep out pests and other contaminants when combined with the ground cover. The shade net allows for irrigation systems to be mounted along the top of the structure above the plants. Installing the irrigation along the shade net also reduces the water pressure needed to water a certain area or plants, per sprinkler. This method also results in a clutter free floor. Overhead sprinklers were mainly used, throughout the shaded farm. Areas designated for seeds in the early stages of germination utilized misters which were also hung from the shade netting. Drip irrigation is also utilized in certain sections of the nursery. The irrigation system is controlled by a series of well laid out, accessible valves, as well as a digital irrigation controller with WIFI compatibility. A pump is used to ensure there is always sufficient water flow throughout the irrigation system.

System Description
  • Shade Houses:
    • Polypropylene Shade Net- 47% Shade
    • Polypropylene Shade Net- 73% Shade
    • Structure: Galvanised Posts and Cable
    • Miscellaneous Materials & Hardware
  • Rivulis Rondo Mister Assembly
  • Rivulis inverted Rondo Sprinklers Assembly
  • Jamaica Drip Irrigation Dripline
  • Rain Bird Digital Irrigation Controller with WIFI
  • Ground Cover: OptiNet 50, Anti-insects Net
  • Water Pump
  • Miscellaneous Hardware, Pipes, valves and fittings
  • Germination Trays, Fertilizers, Pesticides