Isratech Jamaica Ltd. Partners with JNSBL

Supports Sustainable Infrastructure Strategies for Multi-Sector Enterprises

While most savvy business owners and C-level decision-makers understand the critical importance of integrating sustainable infrastructure in their business modelling, two factors recur as stumbling blocks to action:  information regarding technologies and systems applicable to their businesses, and the cost to implement.

The Isratech Jamaica Limited group of companies (“IJL”) has partnered with Jamaica National Small Business Loan (“JNSBL”) to advance businesses forward on their path to growth.

IJL – through its divisions Jamaica Drip Irrigation, Isratech Energy Solutions and Isratech Waterworks, leverages its unique capabilities and expertise to provide the highly technical consultation and product quality required to deliver sustainable solutions including greenhouse farming, irrigation systems, PV systems and solar water heating, rainwater harvesting systems, water and wastewater infrastructure, wastewater treatment.

JNSBL offers among their suite of loans, special streams of funding, with specific focus on supporting sustainable projects including climate adaptive or mitigation strategies, as well as energy efficiency initiatives and techniques.  These streams of funding are offered on very good terms and provide well-needed support to the MSME sector to implement developmental and sustainable solutions.

The partnership with JNSBL augers well for accelerating the development of sustainable infrastructure to serve many sectors including manufacturing, agriculture, agro-processing, food industry, tourism, residential and commercial developments and municipalities.

Broadly speaking, sustainable infrastructure encompasses a wide range of initiatives focused on climate adaptive efficiencies related to energy, water and land management. All industries would do well to build in sustainable infrastructure and systems into their operations as a backdrop not only for socio-environmental leadership, but also operational and fiscal resilience.

The first success story emerging from the partnership is Starlight Chalet and Health Spa in Silver Hill Gap, Blue Mountain, St. Andrew.  The business will benefit from a loan package ear-marked to integrate sustainable infrastructure through wind turbines, solar water heaters and rainwater harvesting tanks from IJL’s Isratech Waterworks and Isratech Energy Solutions divisions.

It doesn’t take long to see why Starlight Chalet and Health Spa was able to gain the support of the partnership.

Denise Nairne, proprietor, has codified her passion for Jamaica and the efficient use of abundant natural energy sources by crafting a strategic commitment called ‘The Green Initiative’.   Nairne asserts that the Green Initiative allows the business to benefit from cost efficiencies using the environmentally responsible technology solutions available through Isratech Jamaica Ltd.

Benjamin Hodara, Vice President of Sales & Marketing asserts, “This partnership between JNSBL and IJL presents a excellent opportunity for the business community to make a difference in preserving our unique Jamaican environment by implementing sustainable, climate-smart solutions today.”