Hard Water May Be Costing You More Than You Know


Limescale buildup is easy to spot on plumbling fixtures.
Limescale buildup is easy to spot on plumbing fixtures.

MANDEVILLE, JAMAICA – Hard water contains considerable amounts of minerals such as magnesium and calcium. The inevitable buildup can cause serious and expensive damage for commercial, industrial and residential infrastructure.

Hard water leaves behind calcium deposits that are referred to as scale, which gradually builds to restrict the flow of water in pipes, stick to and damage pipes and fittings, and compromise the efficiency of toilets, water heaters and other appliances. Water softeners and filtration systems provide critical savings and insurance against frequent, costly repairs and infrastructure renovation.


Here are a few tell-tale signs that you have a major expense brewing:

  • Visible build up of hard (or impossible) to clean residue on showerheads, faucets and appliances such as kettles and coffee makers.
  • Reduced efficiency or damage to water heaters and washing machines when the scale buildup causes system components to overheat and permanently fail.
  • Low water flow resulting from scale accumulating over time in all types of pipes, even PVC. If a pipe becomes fully clogged, it cannot be cleaned out — it has to be entirely replaced, usually at great cost.
  • Counter-effectiveness of cleaning agents as more solution is required to work up a lather of soaps and detergents to compensate for the hard water effect – a direct hit on the budget!