Isratech Waterworks Hosts Technical Workshop & Factory Tour

This free technical workshop and factory tour will be hosted by the executive of Isratech Jamaica Limited (“IJL”), with presentations and engagement sessions lead by the technical team of Isratech Waterworks, a division of IJL. The workshop is designed for architects, engineers, developers and building industry project managers, charged with

Grid-Tied, Off-Grid, or Hybrid: How to Choose A PV Solar System

Aerial view of system installed by IES in October 2017.  System specs: 23kWp grid interactive system.  Main components utilized in project include 100 – 230W  Yingli solar modules, Ironridge Tilt Mount Racking System , 2 – 10kW Fronius Symo 10.0.3 Symo (M) Grid Tie Inverters   Isratech Energy Solutions  MANDEVILLE,

Hard Water May Be Costing You More Than You Know

  MANDEVILLE, JAMAICA – Hard water contains considerable amounts of minerals such as magnesium and calcium. The inevitable buildup can cause serious and expensive damage for commercial, industrial and residential infrastructure. Hard water leaves behind calcium deposits that are referred to as scale, which gradually builds to restrict the flow